About Us


Macon Roots promotes a diverse, sustainable, and local food system for Middle Georgia.


We promote a sustainable food system in Macon and Middle Georgia by celebrating the local food cultures, supporting food and garden education programs, creating networking opportunities in the local food system, and increasing availability of locally grown food for all Middle Georgians.


We believe in a strong local economy for Middle Georgia and that a strong local food system is essential to building that economy. To ensure viability of our local food system, Macon Roots strives to build demand through raising excitement and awareness of eaters and to build supply by increasing the knowledge and resources of local growers.

We are spurring an awakening among Middle Georgians that the food we eat every day matters and it matters to the local economy. We work to raise awareness and increase demand for sustainable food; encourage growers to sell at local farmers markets; and work with farmers and backyard gardeners to meet this demand. As we move forward, Macon Roots will work to establish new farms, as well as new businesses to support these farmers to provide nutritious, delicious and sustainable food for Middle Georgia eaters.